SET Plan targets for wind energy

In June 2023 in the framework of the SET Plan’s revision, the Member States involved in the IWG Wind defined 6 new targets for wind energy. These new targets must guide the R&I efforts from the Member States to accelerate the development and the deployment of wind energy in Europe.

  1. At least 3% increase of national R&I funding dedicated to wind energy.
  2. At least 0.5 percentage points increase per year of wind energy penetration in electricity needs at European level.
  3. At least 2 GW of wind manufacturing capacity added per year at the European level.
  4. R&D budget dedicated to materials recovery technologies including recycling and critical raw materials.
  5. At least 100,000 workers trained by 2025 at the EU level.
  6. One research project on average per year enabling faster permitting for wind energy projects.

For more information, please check the detailed targets here