What is the IWG Wind?

The SET-Plan Implementation Working Group on Wind Energy (IWG Wind) drives and facilitates the R&I coordination between EU Member States to enable the acceleration of the development and deployment of wind energy in Europe. It gathers representatives from the Member States in charge of R&I programmes at the national level.

Main goals of the IWG Wind:

  1. Strengthening cooperation between Member States to accelerate the development of wind energy projects and maximising synergies in their transnational, national and regional R&I programmes for wind energy.
  2. Defining a common Implementation Plan – or equivalent document – aiming at accelerating the development of wind energy in Europe and achieve the technology targets that will place Europe at the forefront of the next generation wind technologies.
  3. Guiding the revision of the National Energy & Climate Plans (NECPs) so they reflect the R&I priorities defined by the EU and the wind industry.
  4. Ensuring and supporting the implementation of wind energy projects at the national level.